How To Counterfeit Money

This is illegal and is for informational purposes only. I destroyed the money in my pictures.


1)"Goof off" graffiti remover. (I found this to work better than bleach and a lot less fumes.)
2)$1 or $5 bills.($5 and up bills have the watermark and are safer to use, but cost more if you mess up)
3)Toothbrush or paintbrush
5)Money picture off Google

Now the procedure

1) First you are going to need to remove the old ink off the money. Put some goof off on the money and scrub with your brush. Don’t get it too wet because it could rip and you have to start over. Set money outside to dry.

2) After it’s dry you can still see a little bit of the ink, this is where your bleach comes in. Soak the money in bleach and it will come out clean. You can also use bleach to begin with, but goof off removes the ink quicker.3) Now after your gathered your pictures of money off Google, resize it to 6.14"x2.61" (the size of all bills.) Print a test copy.
4) After you print a test copy, tape your blank money on top of the paper so it lines up perfectly. (If you click "center on paper" when you print it makes it easier to tape)
Can you spot the fake?

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